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MyPayingAds Part Time Sales Job Works for Anyone!

  • High converting sales pages
  • No recruiting required
  • No technical skills needed
  • Display your other businesses
  • Earn from the revenue share
  • Revenue Sharing paid hourly
  • Earn up to 120% per ad pack
  • No membership or admin fees!
  • 10% referral commissions
  • $5 Minimum cashout
  • $200 Max Cashout Per Day
  • Ad Pack plans for everyone
  • Earnings from Paid To Click ads
  • Built for long term sustainability
The best part is... with MyPayingAds, it is really easy to get referrals because there are no Autoships, Membership or Admin fees EVER!

MyPayingAds Online Advertising System is so easy... Just purchase AdPacks that fit your budget, surf 10 (20 second) ads per day and tell others! Keep re-purchasing more AdPacks from your profits and watch your income grow!

After you register with MyPayingAds, you will receive a similar copy of this marketing website for FREE! Just send me an email with your information and Affiliate Link and you will receive your link to this site in less than 24 hours. My contact information is listed below.

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Click here to register with MyPayingAds for free!

Note: To earn from the revenue sharing, you will have to purchase at least 1 Adpack and you will have to surf 10 (20 second) ads per day (5-10 minutes per day). By referring others who do the same, you can become financially free with MyPayingAds! You’ll receive 10% commissions on all your referral’s advertising purchases for life!

The 200 dollar per day maximum payout is a safety feature to ensures that MyPayingAds will be around for a long time. Acheiving 6000 dollars per month in income will be enough to fire your boss. For those who earn more than 200 dollars per day will have to buy advertising to sell other offers. This keeps money flowing inside MyPayingAds to ensure its longivity.

Legality: February 2016, PayPal had gone and frozen the funds of all their online Revenue Sharing advertising companies because they were worried about the longivity of these companies. MyPayingAds sat down with PayPal and asked them what they needed to change to satisfy PayPal's worries. MyPayingAds made these necessary changes in their system and PayPal has since, unfrozen their account allowing them to keep on doing business. As of this writing, MyPayingAds is the only one of these Rev-share systems to have their funds unfrozen from PayPal. So you can feel safe here with MyPayingAds that it will be around for a long time.

Don't listen to the hype: Naturally you will find negative reviews about MyPayingAds online. All online businesses have negative reviews especially from people selling other offers who want you to do theirs. Some of these people think that all online business are scams and like to write about that. The truth is that every day thousands of new people around the world are enjoying a financially secure income working part time online. So don't believe all the hype.

Disclaimer: Any income claims presented are not intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead, they're designed to give you an idea of what's possible. Success in any business requires taking action, leadership, work and dedication. Since we want to help you make an informed decision, you can read our disclosure documents (including Terms & Conditions) which are located on this page.

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